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As far as consumer electronics retailers are concerned, few are as widely recognized as Best Buy. Headquartered in Richfield, Minnesota, this American corporation has branches in the US, Canada, Mexico and until 2011, China when all the Chinese locations were sold to a subsidiary of Best Buy - Jiangsu Five Star.

Locations by city

Founded in 1966 by Gary Smoliak and Richard M. Schulze, Best Buy was initially a specialized audio store up until 1983 when it was rebranded to focus more on consumer electronics. It was also at that point when the chain was renamed to Best buy from “Sound of Music”.
As of 2016, when both Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile are concerned, there are almost 1,400 locations of both in the US, almost 200 in Canada and over 20 in Mexico. Since 2013 there are no Best Buy stores in Europe.
The company owns multiple exclusive brands and subsidiaries, the most popular among them are Rocketfish, Pacific Sales, Dynex, Geek Squad, Modal, Platinum and Init.
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