Burger King locations

Burger King is one of the most popular and widely recognizable fast food chains in the world. Founded back in 1953 in Florida as “Insta-Burger King”, the chain operates at over 15,000 locations worldwide. As the name suggests, the company has always focused on hamburgers, with supplementary french fries and soft drink choices. Over the years they remained true to this model, retaining the focus on burgers but adding more variations.

Locations by city

Among multiple Speciality Sandwiches offered at Burger King, the real king is the Whopper. Introduced in 1957, this signature burger for the chain has set a standard for the fast food industry with a quarter pound patty accompanied by the standard garnish of vegetables and condiments.
The company was also one of the first to utilize the popular advertising practice called “product tie-in”. Back in 1977, an agreement between Burger King and Lucasfilm proved to be a huge success when Star Wars themed glasses were sold with Burger King meals.

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