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Red Lobster is one of the most prominent American chain restaurants, especially favored by seafood loving patrons. Founded back in 1968 in Lakeland Florida, Red Lobster saw the most rapid expansion in the eighties, and has (as of 2013) over 700 locations not only in the US, but also in Canada, Mexico and seemingly exotic countries like Kuwait, Qatar or Malaysia. For several years, they have been aiming to become a bit more upscale than a regular chain restaurant, though the menus still include both cheap simple items and more expensive gourmet or feast type options.

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Red Lobster specializes in lunch and dinner dishes, though with ample appetizers, soups, salads etc. available, it delivers food suitable for any meal. The menu includes mostly seafood, but you can also get a wood-grilled cheeseburger, chicken tacos or Caesar salad, among the classics.
As for the seafood itself, there are few places that offer such a wide selection of shrimp, lobster, fish and crab in all shapes and sizes - from small diet portions to huge feasts, the seafood comes grilled, baked, steamed or in soup form.
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